IABC Fellows to Explore Communicating Open-Book Management

In his book, “The Great Game of Business,” Jack Stack introduced the business world to open-book management. The Great Game of Business website points out, “Open-book management at its most effective far outperforms a definition as simple as “sharing financial information with employees”. Open-book isn’t just about opening your financials to your company, it’s about responsibility, ownership, results, and growth, all of these things can come together to drive the needle forward in your organization. With proper training and knowledge, all levels of your business start to act and engage just like the owner, or leadership.”

Clearly, communication is a vital dimension of open-book management. On the next Circle of Fellows, four IABC Fellows will look at the communicator’s role, including introducing the concept to leadership. At noon ET on Thursday, September 17, join moderator/Fellow Brad Whitworth and IABC Fellows Jim Shaffer (who worked with Stack on the concept), Tosh Hattori, and Amanda Hamilton-Attwell for a fascinating conversation.
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